Pia Lashay is a Fashion Designer who decided to launch her career online in 2018 as a gift to herself for getting her college degree. She's thankful to her Mother, owner of Mfg. By God for teaching her how to sew at an early age where she would make home decor and clothing for her Barbies. Although her love for fashion flourished long before high school, this is where it really blossomed. Pia centered most of her high school years around fashion designing, modeling and styling... making most of her high school clothing.


Pia went to study Fashion Design at the University of Alabama which is where her love for interior design flourished as well. Her commitment to having a lovely college apartment on a budget (as well as being surrounded by interior design teachers and students) is where she learned to make everything from pillows and curtains to headboards and more.


As a young Mother Pia understands the importance of versatility and comfort. Pia highly believes in mixing high-end luxe with more affordable pieces to create a wardrobe. Moms? We just want things to last. We need those staple pieces, those stand out pieces, high quality pieces and those Rares (thrifted pieces). This is why Pia Lashay decided to not only offer her handmade items, but handpicked items (other brands) and Rares (thrifted pieces)... because who doesn't love them all?

x, Pia Lashay CEO of Pia Lashay LLC dba Pia Lashay

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